Boston Region MPO Congestion Management Committee

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The Boston Region MPO Congestion Management Committee was formed on January 19, 2012, to facilitate the development and implementation of the MPO’s Congestion Management Process (CMP). The Committee recommends to policy-makers projects and programs that reduce congestion and improve mobility, safety, and efficiency. It will ensure that the appropriate congestion mitigation strategies are represented in the Unified Planning Work Program, Transportation Improvement Program, and Long-Range Transportation Plan, thus integrating the CMP with the MPO’s certification documents. The Committee currently consists of representatives from the following eight MPO member entities:

  • City of Everett, Chair
  • City of Boston
  • Town of Norwood/Three Rivers Interlocal Council
  • Town of Arlington
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Advisory Board
  • Regional Transportation Advisory Council
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division
  • Massachusetts Port Authority

Please check here for the next Committee meeting date and agenda.

Mission of the Committee

“Support sustainable growth in economic activity, sustain livability in the region, prevent the increase in congestion, and improve mobility, efficiency, and safety for people, goods, and services by encouraging programs that reduce single occupant vehicle use, including transportation systems management and operations, travel demand management, and technology.”