Managing Curb Space in the Boston Region: A Guidebook

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guidebook coverPosted 1/22

Curb space is a limited and increasingly valuable space in urban areas with many potential uses, including parking, vehicle travel lanes, pick-up/drop-off zones, parklets, bus lanes, and bicycle lanes. The demand for these uses varies substantially by location and time. Planners face the challenge of leveraging their municipality’s curb space needs to meet demand and achieve the goals of their community. This guidebook introduces curb management in the Boston region by providing local planners and municipal officials with a foundation of case studies, best practices, and strategies.

The guidebook introduces and defines curb space and curb management; provides a brief history of curb management and the unique challenges and opportunities in the Boston region; describes the three foundations of curb management aimed at planners new to the practice; provides an overview of the different curb space uses accompanied by regional examples, recommendations, and strategies; and identifies strategies to assist planners craft their curb management plans and implement curb space changes.

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