Performance-based Planning and Programming—Congestion Reduction and Air Quality Targets

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The Boston Region MPO envisions an equitable, pollution-free, and modern regional transportation system that gets people to their destinations safely, easily, and reliably, and that supports an inclusive, resilient, healthy, and economically vibrant Boston region.

-Destination 2050 Vision 

On October 20, 2022, the MPO board voted to adopt a set of updated performance targets pertaining to the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) program. These include targets related to non-single-occupancy travel,  person-hours of excessive delay, and emissions reductions from CMAQ-funded projects. These targets reflect two-year and four-year time horizons.  For more information about these CMAQ performance measures, targets, and related processes, please refer to the memorandum titled CMAQ Program Performance Targets-2022 (PDF) CMAQ Program Performance Targets-2022 (HTML)

Baseline Value and Targets for Annual Hours of Peak-Hour Excessive Delay Per Capita in the Boston MA-NH-RI UZA

Geographic Area

2017 Measure Value 

Two-Year Target 
(CY 2022–23)

Four-Year Target 
(CY 2022–25)

Boston Urbanized Area




CY = calendar year. FHWA = Federal Highway Administration. MA = Massachusetts. MPO =  
metropolitan planning organization. NH = New Hampshire. RI = Rhode Island. UZA = urbanized area.   
Sources: National Performance Management Research Data Set, US Census Bureau, FHWA, the  
Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation,  
Cambridge Systematics, and the Boston Region MPO staff.

Performance Values and Targets for the Percent of Non-SOV Travel in the Boston MA-NH-RI UZA

Geographic Area

Baseline Value 
(CYs 2016–20 average)

Two-Year Target 
(CYs 2019–23 average)

Projected Two-Year Target 
(CYs 2021–25 average)

Boston UZA




Note: Values in this table reflect five-year rolling averages for the percent of non-SOV travel to work.   
CY = calendar year. MA = Massachusetts. NH = New Hampshire. Non-SOV = non-single-occupancy vehicle. RI = Rhode  
Island. UZA = urbanized area.